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Paternity Testing at DDC Indonesia

You’ve just discovered you’re expecting. Did you know paternity testing while pregnant is possible, even as early as 7 weeks’ gestation?

With the Certainty™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test from DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) in cooperation with DDC Indonesia, it’s painless, fast, and guaranteed accurate.

Paternity questions during pregnancy can be stressful.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can give you peace of mind before your baby’s born—and it’s completely safe.

Our technologically-advanced Certainty™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP) Test gives you accurate paternity answers without any risk to the baby or to you.

Invasive or Non-Invasive PreNatal DNA Test

We have two options to provide #DNA Test to your unborn #Baby, the invasive #PreNatal Test and the non-invasive PreNatal Test. Both test will give a 99,9% certainty to determine whether the "alleged" father is biologically matched to your #unborn baby.

Our Non-Invasive PreNatal DNA Test uses a blood sample drawn from the mother, which then will be investigated in our #DDC Lab in the U.S.A, to determine the #maternal dan #Fetal DNA, which then can be used to match the sample of the "alleged" #father.

Our Invasive PreNatal DNA Test uses the amniotic fluid sample drawn from the mother. Sample will be then send to our DDC Lab in the U.S.A.

Big difference in the laboratory process also determine the final pricing for each tests. Please consult our DDC Staff for more information on the best option for you and your baby.

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