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Do you have what it takes to work in the UK

We are constantly looking for individuals which holds a nursing degree that has what it takes to work in the United Kingdom. 

As you know, every year we are looking for new candidates for our partner at NHS, United Kingdom, with more than 20,000 available job positions, you will have a good chance of expanding your career path in the UK. 

Minimum requirement is that you have a

- Valid nursing degree

- Experienced working in a hospital/clinic environment

- No age requirement.

Join us now, eliminate your curiosity by enrolling in our English Placement Test to certify for our program. Contact our HR Department by sending us your CV to the following email address : or Whatsapp to +62-878-8620-3420 (Okta)

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Your future in the UK

As a leading healthcare company, Global Doctor Indonesia is dedicated to assisting international nurses in achieving their career goals. Our projects focus on providing healthcare professionals with the resources they need to succeed professionally and personally

.Global Doctor Indonesia is here to guide you through the process of becoming a registered nurse in the UK. We offer comprehensive support for every step of the journey, from providing free online courses in preparation for the the IELTS and OSCE exams to navigating the registration process. Trust in our experience and expertise to help you achieve your career ambitions.

Moving to the UK with your family can be a great opportunity for a better life for all of you. Our team will assist you with the requirements and guide you through all the necessary exams and registration processes. The future of your children will be brighter, so it's worth taking the steps to make this move happen.



We are looking for individuals who are striving for a better future in nursing careers in the UK.

Contact us as soon as possible and change your destiny.


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