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Skin Test

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The future of skin care is here

By taking a person's DNA into consideration it is possible to make a tailor made skincare regimen for each individual. For example, a person's predisposition to sun damage varies between individuals and by looking at certain DNA markers a person's predisposition can be ascertained.

How does it work?

This is a is a revolutionary DNA laboratory test which examines 16 genetic markers
(SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging.
Your DNA is collected by simply swabbing on the inside of your cheek - no needles! You will then receive a personalised report telling you what YOUR DNA reveals about your skin!

Get to know:

  • Is one predisposed to premature wrinkling?

  • How genes support skin damage through the glycation process?

  • How well genetics protect one from the sun?

  • Do genes protect one from free radical damage?

  • How well genes protect one from irritation?

  • Provides an in-depth DNA report to determine your skin’s specific needs.

  • The report will act as a guide and provide ingredients and beauty treatments tailored to your DNA.

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